5 Questions with Ta’Nekeo Marcus Spr. 2013 Upsilon Initiate who is interning for Congressman Brad Sherman

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 Give us a little of your background / your journey- school/when did you cross? Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, CA where I was raised by my foster parents. As a troubled teen growing up in South Central LA I was faced with many troubling obstacles that were leading me down the wrong path.  After many having many conversations with my parents I was able to overcome my adversities and graduated from Crenshaw High School.  In fall of 2008 I entered into my first year of college at Cal State University Northridge.  However, I was not mentally prepared for the college lifestyle and I ended up withdrawing after my freshman year. I was once told that “My setback is a setup for my comeback”.  I took a four year hiatus and restarted my college career by attending Mount San Jacinto Community College in the fall of 2012. In spring of 2013 I was admitted back to Cal State University Northridge where I am currently in my junior year Majoring in Political Science Law and Society with a Minor in Africana Studies. It was also in the spring 2013 where I was initiated into the Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. In the spring of 2013 I made a decision to transfer to the University of Rhode Island to put myself in a better learning environment but due to the lack of financial assistance I decided to go back to Cal State University Northridge.

1. What is your current position with Congressman Sherman and how did you get it?

I am currently working on Capitol Hill with Congressman Brad Sherman as an intern. I was advised by mentor to be proactive with my career and do some research on internships and scholarships. In the midst of my search I came across the DC Scholars program which is through the Political Science department at Cal State University Northridge.  I did my due diligence by completing the application and attending the required meetings.  After being accepted into the program I was given the option to either find my own internship or have the program select one for me. So, I contacted Congressman Sherman and expressed that I was recently accepted to the DC Scholars program and I would be honored to work as an intern for him.

2. What do you do as an Intern?

As an intern my job duties consist of but not limited to researching legislations, attending hearings and briefing on subjects that are of importance to Congressman Sherman. I consult with constituents about their opinions on bills they feel should be passed and what I can do to better assist them in getting their voices heard and I also write letters on issues brought before the House.   I’ve also been tasked with conducting tours of the Capitol Building, The National Mall, and some minor administrative task.

3. How has being a Kappa affected what you are doing now?

Being a member of Kappa Alpha Psi has influenced my life decisions tremendously because brothers like Antonio Mayberry who has kept me inspired and motivated. If not for him I wouldn’t have become a member of this noble clan and met other brothers in LA Alumni Chapter who also have given me great advice. In my recent travels I have met numerous brothers in the Los Angeles area and the Providence, RI area who have played a very important part in my life since becoming a member. I give credit to these men that have come into my life and taken me under their wing and have helped shaped me for a better future. These brothers saw my potential and continue to believe in me.  They continue to show me a way to be better and do better by helping me excel in the classroom, staying on my case when I am not performing at my best and congratulating me when everything is going well. The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi are noble and gold.

4. How is a West Coast Brother handling the East Coast? How do you like DC?

Coming from sunny California it is taking some time to get adjust to this cold weather which is something I could not prepare for if I tried. So far the east coast is treating me well with no complaints. But nevertheless I’m doing well, and the brotherly love shown from Nupes on the East coast is mind blowing, welcoming me in like they known me my whole life.

 5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

With only a year left  in Undergrad, I’m currently preparing to apply to Law School. So within the next five years, I see myself done with Law School and possibly working at a firm or starting my own firm.  I have so much I want to do and see, but first I want to focus or securing a job or fellowship and see where that takes me.




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