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Brother Jermaine Higgins a Fall 2013 initiate of the Japan Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. is a brother on a mission. A Personal Branding Expert, Public Speaker, and Global Marketer, brother Higgins is continuously increasing his business knowledge and expertise, which will enable him to fulfill his mission of finding one million people jobs in his lifetime. Brother Higgins delivered a very impactful and well received presentation on branding and using social media to better market yourself at the Western Province’s 68th Province Council Meeting and looks to conduct similar presentations wherever possible. Brother Higgins took some time to answer a few questions.

1. What things or factors that happened early in your life lead you to become a branding expert and a global marketer expert? 

Well, I was in sales with KFC Foods and I loved the ability to sell one on one with my clients. I love the capabilities to get someone to buy what I had to offer. Then one day I met a few people that were in marketing and they explained the difference between sales and marketing. They both worked in Marketing at the corporate level and showed me how I could be a part of the strategy vs. execution of a brand. They helped me see that I could sale my vision and thoughts to the world vs. one on one. After that point I studied marketing and gained a life changing passion for marketing.  

2. Did the attributes that have made you successful accumulate through your many experiences or did you always have them?

Both, I think deep down we all have what it takes to be successful. Sometimes, it takes many experiences and opportunities to bring those skills out and sharpen them for success. 

3.What is the number one mistake a person makes when trying to look for their first job or change careers?

The biggest mistake people make looking for jobs are really two things.

 A. Most people don’t soul search and understand what they really bring to the table. What skills, abilities and attributes that a company wants to invest in? Employers look for people with skill, not job people. 

 B. The second big mistake is a large portion of people believe that job boards i.e. Monster, Career Builder, etc. is the key to looking for a job. Companies use job boards for many reasons like advertising, legal job placement obligations, resume database, so many reasons other than to hire. I’m not saying don’t go to job boards I’m just saying don’t spend all your time waiting for opportunities using job boards, when you could use other job search methods like Fact Finding calls, Networking or even social media targeting  (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). The key is to diversify your methods and create opportunity. 

 4. What is the most fulfilling thing about what you do? 

The most fulfilling thing about what I do is being able to take all my experiences, successes and failures to help people find their dream job. It seems that the world sometimes only gives most of use pieces to the secrets of the Job Search and I can provide the whole puzzle. Being able to help someone get their dream job or put food on the table is an amazing feeling. 

5. Is your goal of finding 1,000, 000 people jobs hyperbole or a realistic goal? What is your 5-year plan presently?

 The goal, to help 1,000,000 people find jobs is very realistic. I have a passion to share my knowledge and equip people with tools required. I’ve started a company called Career Creators ( we have an online platform that teaches resume writing and provide a custom resume builder. It has articles, webinars, networking forums that allow you to market yourself. Just to name a few tools. We have also expanded into recruiting and job outplacement consulting. With all the great resources we have available and we can reach the goal of 1,000,000. My 5-year plan is to expand my resources and tools. I also plan to employ people on my team that have a passion for helping people. It’s my goal to have the Career Creators a household name and looked at as the leader of the industry. 

6. Why Kappa?

 As a Brother of the greatest fraternity in the world. I truly try to live by the Objectives of Kappa. In doing so, it’s only right to share my talents and gifts to the fraternity so I could possibly help as many Brothers live their dream and achieve in every field of human endeavors.





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