Dr. James Henderson, Senior & Eldest Member of Jacksonville Alumni Chapter Enters Chapter Invisible

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James Ralph Henderson D.D.S., entered into Chapter Invisible at the age of 93 on January 25, 2013. Brother Henderson, a native of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, was born November 15, 1919.  He received his early childhood education in the Broward County public school system, and due to segregation issues, his parents sent him to Jacksonville, FL to attend the state’s well known African-American high school of the time Old Stanton High. Brother Henderson graduated in 1938 and went on to attend Florida A&M College where he was Pre-Med and majored in Biology. Henderson was initiated at the Alpha Xi Chapter during his sophomore year at FAMC in 1939. Upon graduation in 1942 he moved to Bridgeport, CT to escape segregation. Brother Henderson then entered the U.S. Army during World War II where he served as a Combat Infantry Sergeant and during those years resided in Italy & the Philippine Islands. After being discharged from the Army, Henderson decided to go back to school. He chose to attend Howard University School of Dentistry where he graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree in 1953. Henderson then moved back to Jacksonville, FL where he opened his own dentistry practice including an additional office in St. Augustine, FL which he operated for 55 years upon retirement. Henderson’s professional affiliations included: the Florida Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Association; FlaJax Club, Inc.; Florida Guardsman; Jacksonville Amateur Golf Association; American Dental Association; a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry; and FAMU & Howard Alumni Associations. Henderson was a dutiful member of The Church of the Crucifixion in Jacksonville, FL. Henderson was a Life Member and the Senior Eldest Member of the Jacksonville (FL) Alumni Chapter having been in the Bond for nearly 75 years. Henderson received recognition at the 64th Grand Chapter Meeting in Detroit, Michigan with an award for Outstanding Service presented by 23rd Grand Polemarch Dr. Oliver S. Gumbs. Henderson was predeceased by his wife, Mrs. Geneva Coleman Henderson, and mother, Mrs. Reva Thompson, and is survived by his brother; two daughters; his son; 3 grandchildren; & 7 great-grandchildren. His life was celebrated on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at The Church of the Crucifixion and was laid to rest in Restlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Jacksonville, FL.

Dr. James R. Henderson

Dr. James R. Henderson

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