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Charlotte (NC) Alumni Knows How to Divide and Conquer!

 The Charlotte Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi divided and conquered by holding two successful events on Saturday, February 4, 2012.   Though both events started at 2 pm, the dedication and commitment of the chapter brothers helped make both of them extremely successful.  One event was held for the participants of the 36th Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (Charlotte, NC Alumni) Beautillion Militaire.  The Guide Right event was the annual “Bros vs. Beaux” basketball game, which was held at Turning Point Academy (Charlotte, NC).  Each year, the brothers of the Charlotte Alumni Chapter lace up and take to the courts to battle the beaux in a basketball competition.  This year, the brothers demonstrated that they still had game, defeating the beaux with a score of 102 to 68.  Following the game, a cookout was held where the beaux and brothers enjoyed plenty of good food, fellowship, and fun!

The second event was the annual Loaves and Fishes Food Drive.  Each year, the Loaves and Fishes (http://www.loavesandfishes.org/) community organization feeds thousands of people within the Charlotte, NC community who face hunger due to various, unanticipated crises. The Charlotte, NC Alumni Chapter collaborated this year with the lovely ladies of the Tau Theta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta to assist the Loaves and Fishes organization with achieving their goals.  Several drop-off locations were set up across the city to receive food donations from individuals that will benefit deserving Charlotte, NC residents.   The two chapters of the participating organizations were stationed at Mount Carmel Baptist Church located, 3127 Tuckaseegee Road, to receive donations.   As a result of generous donations from individuals and organizations, Loaves and Fishes was able to feed a record 114,177 people in 2011.  Hopefully this year’s efforts from both organizations will help Loaves and Fishes exceed this record.

            Raleigh, NC Alumni Chapter Participates in Coats for Children


— Brother Kerelle R. Sampson

The holiday season may be over, but the spirit of giving back to the community never ends for brothers at the Raleigh Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc.
That spirit of giving was on full display again this season.  Seven members of the RAC continued the annual tradition of participating in WRAL’s annual “Coats for Children” Telethon.

It all began at 5am on December 9, 2011 when Brothers from the RAC arrived at WRAL’s studios to help the station kick-off the campaign. They spent several hours manning the phone bank, collecting donations from the generous viewers.

The volunteer effort continued on January 7, 2012, where 20 more Brothers gathered to help sort the thousands of coats that were donated to the “Coats for Children” campaign. Members of the Kappa League, along with several family and friends joined members of RAC in this strenuous but
gratifying effort.

The work of Kappas in your Kommunity never ends.

Pictured in Picture 1:  Brother Leroy Sturgis, Polemarch Aaron Thornton, Benjamin Dudley, Mark Connor, WRAL’S Renee Chou, Donzell Newkirk, Vice Polemarch Gary Burrell, Victor Hyman

Pictured in Picture 2:  Members of the Raleigh Alumni Chapter, Kappa League, & Friends of the Chapter                                           

                                                       Charlotte Alumni Participates in MLK Parade


                                                                                                                                                         –Brother Kevin Riddle

“The establishment has discounted the poor, the black, the low-income and liberal whites.  It had been divide and conquer.  This is the dream I have for North Carolina: to bring us together, black and white….Too long have black people sought a place at the bargaining table, only to receive the crumbs after dinner is over.”……Dr. Reginald A. Hawkins

The quote above was taken from a speech given by Brother Hawkins, the 3rd Polemarch of the Charlotte Alumni Chapter, during his 1968 campaign for the governor of North Carolina.  Dr. Hawkins, a dentist by trade and an ordained minister, was not only the first  African American to run for the position of North Carolina governor, but also fought tirelessly for the desegregation of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools.  Although overshadowed by his contemporaries, Brother Hawkins played a key role in the fight for civil rights and equality.

The Charlotte Alumni Chapter continues this tradition with active involvement in the Charlotte area through participation with Kappa League, tutoring and mentoring programs, coaching athletic teams and serving as leaders in the community.  As we embark on our next century of achievement, one of our first opportunities to show our commitment to the Charlotte community is our involvement in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade.  We turned out in great numbers with participation from the Charlotte Alumni Chapter, as well as local undergraduate chapters Alpha Epsilon – Johnson C. Smith University and Gamma Delta – Livingstone College.

Although it was a cold day, there was plenty of that good ole Kappa spirit to keep us warm.  There were over fifty brothers as well as family members, Beautillion participants and Kappa Leaguers.  By far one of the largest showings of any Greek letter organization.  The day started off with a great breakfast of shrimp and grits along with assorted pastries. We were even able to show hospitality to our fellow parade participants by offering extra food to near by participants in the staging area.  From there the Kappa League youth boarded the float and we lined up for the start of this great event.  The parade route took us through the center of Downtown Charlotte, ending with a photo on the steps of the Charlotte Observer.  A great event, wonderful opportunity for brotherhood and fellowship, and an outstanding start to the 2012 year of achievement in every field of human endeavor.

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