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Southfield1 “To inspire service in the public’s interest” .This is an objective of our noble clan. However, many times we become lackadaisical on the second part of the objective; the public and their interest.  What does that mean and what does that look like? The Southfield Alumni Chapter of the Northern Province is no stranger to answering these questions. Since our founding in 1986, we have been building a legacy for others to follow. We aim to truly understand the needs of the public and their interest.  Since the beginning of this Kappa year, we have hosted a series of events for the public. Some include; a bible study group for senior members, a candidates forum for the city council election of Southfield, a Walkathon to raise money to feed over three hundred families, television interviews to show the world the service of Kappa to the community, and the most recent event, a Thanksgiving Food Drive that fed over 300 families in need. Not only were the brothers of Southfield Alumni Chapter involved, but the undergraduate chapter; Nu Upsilon (University of Michigan- Dearborn) and the Southfield Kappa League all joined forces to make the event a success. Brothers and Kappa Leaguers alike carried baskets to parked cars and loaded the baskets for the families. One recipient said “I didn’t know what I was going to do this year, it’s been tough.” That statement alone confirmed the need of the public and their interest. If families could not pick up the baskets, then the Kappa men delivered them to the families. When we talk about service we have to always remember that it’s never the magnitude of how much you serve, rather the magnitude of the impact you leave on someone’s life.


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