2013 Southeastern Province Council in Atlanta

2013 SE Prov Council

2013 SE Prov Council

The 2013 Southeastern Province Council held in Atlanta from March 14-17, 2013 was an event to behold. The host chapters, Stone Mountain Lithonia-Alumni and the Lambda Delta Chapter at Georgia Tech, did a wonderful job setting the stage for the business of the province to take place and providing entertaining activities for all in attendance. The list of activities included a Public Meeting, Joseph R. Jenkins Reception, several business sessions, committee workshops, scholarships being awarded, elections of officers, province board meetings, several honors being given out to chapters and brothers, a night out to Philips Arena to see an Atlanta Hawks basketball game, a visit from Grand Polemarch Bates, a quiz bowl, an undergraduate luncheon, a dance, and the opportunity to fraternize with those we may not have seen in awhile.

One of the many highlights of the province council was the closed banquet when Eastern Province Polemarch Howard Tutman III (T3) greeted the audience. Serving as keynote speaker, Brother Tutman reminded the brothers in attendance to “keep asking…it will be given; keep knocking…the door will be opened” as he inspired the audience to continue to achieve.

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