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During the University of North Texas Homecoming weekend of November 2-4, 2012, initiates of the Zeta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity celebrated the 40th anniversary of the chartering of the chapter. The Zeta Upsilon chapter was founded on the campus of the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas on March 20, 1972. Over 100 brothers traveled from around the country to Denton to participate in the weekend activities. The highlight of the weekend was a Zeta Upsilon reunion banquet held on campus.                                               

Brothers Marion E. Wilson, Delta Sigma 70, and Samuel P. Golden, Zeta Upsilon 72, were keynote speakers for the banquet.  Bro. Wilson was an UNT student who was initiated into the fraternity under the Delta Sigma chapter (Bishop College) while efforts were under way to establish Kappa Alpha Psi on the UNT campus.  Subsequently, Bro. Wilson became the first polemarch of the Zeta Upsilon chapter and shared with the banquet attendees his experiences and efforts to charter the chapter.  Bro. Golden, a board member of the UNT Foundation, shared his experiences as a member of the Zeta Upsilon charter line.  Brothers and their guests that attended the banquet were able to see numerous historical pictures and articles from the chapters four decades on UNTs campus.

Maurice Potts, 2007 initiate, said “The year 1972 was well before my time, so I was nowhere around for the beginnings of the Zeta Upsilon Chapter.  What an honor I was bestowed to fellowship with brothers who envisioned bringing Kappa Alpha Psi to the campus I would first step foot on thirty three years later. It is an experience I will cherish and never forget.

Earnest Sanford, 1992 initiate, said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  It touched me deep to my soul to see the brothers of Zeta Upsilon together.  Brothers I went to school with, brothers I have met a previous reunions and brothers I met for the first time this weekend.  I enjoyed hearing the story of the founding of the chapter.”

The 40th Homecoming Reunion weekend also included supporting the schools Homecoming activities by sponsoring a Homecoming Tent outside the UNT stadium for brothers and their guests.  Brothers had opportunities to meet and reconnect with one another at the Zeta Upsilon Hospitality suite as well as attend a fraternity business meeting where brothers received an update on the chapter and the fraternity.  The Zeta Upsilon brothers also held two spiritual devotional services as part of the weekend activities

Joseph K.  Henderson, 1983 initiate, summarizes the weekend with, “The reunion was extra special to me due to the fact it was a time to visit and catching up with members of the bond; both young and old.  It helped to me to connect the dots of where we came from and more so where we are going if we don’t all contribute and give back.  It reinforced some of the wonderful things the fraternity has taught me about commitment, brotherhood, determination and spiritual wellness.”

The Zeta Upsilon alumni brothers look forward to meeting again at the 61st Grand Chapter meeting in Houston in early August 2013.


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